10k: Stored In A Pool: 1974 Volkwagen SP2 Coupe

Life in Brazil consists of pretty much nothing but playing soccer and partying in the streets, but there is an interesting automotive subculture in the former Portuguese colony.  Up until the 1990s Brazil (the world’s fifth largest country by population and geography) did not allow imported automobiles, so major OEMs around the world set up local manufacturing centers.  At first the local plants built vehicles designed and engineered from the parent company’s home country, but eventually the locals starting building unique vehicles, particularly Volkswagen of Brazil.  This 1974 Volkwagen SP2 Coupe is an example of a local Brazil market vehicle and is currently bidding on ebay for $4,550 reserve-not-met with 7 days to go, located in Dallas, TX.

The SP2 was built on the Type 3 chassis from 1972 through 1976, during which time VW do Brasil assembled about 10,000 of the sporty looking coupes.  The lack of sales was blamed on the poor performance of the steel bodied SP2 and the nickname Sem Potência (Portuguese for without power) became common.

The seller doesn’t show a picture of the engine, but I’ve been assured that it lives somewhere behind the rear axle and under the hatchback area.  The SP2 is powered by a 1700 cc flat-4 rated at 75 horsepower — no word from the seller if it runs.

The seller states in ALL CAPS:   THE PREVIOUS OWNER PURCHASED THIS IN 2004 FROM A STORAGE POOL.  Personally, I think this car would have rusted far less if the owner had stored it in a garage, carport or even a barn instead of his swimming pool, but what do I know about car storage…

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