20k: Giddy Up: 2009 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

All sorts of internet pundits, bloggers, commenters, interweb-buddhas and know-it-alls say that the best new car to get for around $20k is the Mustang V6.  It features a  300 horsepower V6, rear drive, and is blazing fast for the cash…however..here at Daily Turismo, we say the best new car to get for $20k is a used Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 …because new car smell is a synthetic aerosol and we like 500 horsepower.  Find this 2009 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 offered for $22,800 via cars.com in Naperville, IL.

I know what you are going to say — but a 2009 GT500 with 154k miles isn’t “new” –but we can both agree that a 2014 Mustang V6 with 7 miles on the odometer isn’t new either…it has 7 miles on it.  Once you get it home it’ll have another dozen or two and within the first year you’ll put at least 10k on it — who has a new car now?  And no matter how much you drive that V6tang, it won’t suddenly pull like a Shelby GT500.

Under the hood of this last of the 2005 remodeled S197 Mustang  is a 5.4 liter version of the iron block modular V8 engine, supercharged to produce a healthy 500 horsepower and 480 ft-lbs of torque.  It weights just under 4000 lbs, but that won’t stop the pony car from destroying 0-60mph in 4.4 seconds and about 12.5 seconds in the 1/4 mile.

The Shelby GT500 was a joint project between Ford’s SVT group and Shelby America, and it was only available with a 6-speed manual Tremec gearbox.  Even with 150k+ miles on the odometer this beast will still burn up tires and impress the neighborhood kids.

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