10k: Siren Song: 1964 Lancia Flaminia Pininfarina 2.8 Coupe

There are many classic cars that call to gear-heads like sirens among the rocks.  You may only catch a fleeting glance of a red valve cover or flipper splashing into the ocean, but the end effect is the same; you are drawn into shallow waters and marooned on a deserted island as all your belongings get washed out to sea.  Don’t do it.  Don’t buy this Lancia, it is going to make you go broke.  Whatever you do, don’t visit ebay to see the listing for this 1964 Lancia Flaminia Pininfarina 2.8 Coupe currently bidding for $7,600 reserve-not-met with 3 days to go.

Owning the Flaminia will be like dating a mermaid.  Sure, she looks great from the waist up in that sea shell bra and red hair blowing in the sea breeze…but what the heck is going on down by the scaly parts and she is going to smell like a fish unless you cover her in tartar sauce.   This Pinifarina coupe is going to get second looks everywhere you go…but it is going to cost you.

Ah…there it is…the engine bay that you will get intimately familiar with.  The 2.8 liter triple barrel fed Lanica V6 is good for 136 horsepower and will demand attention like Lady Gaga at an AA meeting.  This engine bay has random colored wires going all over the place because they have been pulled on, pushed around, swapped, replaced and checked every time the car fails to start.  The seller discloses that this engine has some issues with water going places it shouldn’t but he also includes a parts car in the deal.  How bad could it be?

The convertible Flaminia was a 2-seat roadster, but the Pininfarina styled and built coupe had a small bench seat in the rear for a few extra passengers.  Budget some interior cost along with the engine, brakes and whatever else this “cheap” Flaminia needs.

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