2k: Crown Royal 2 For 1: 1967 Toyota Crown Wagon(s)

The Toyota Crown was a high end S-platform offering from Toyota that is still sold in Japan today, but gets rebadged as the Lexus GS for the US market.  The S40 generation Crown was built from 1962-1967 and allegedly was influenced by the Ford Falcon for mechanical benchmarking and the Chrysler Imperial for styling.  Sit back, pour yourself a glass of Crown Royal on the rocks and imagine what this one would look like after a little care, cursing and cash.  Find this 1967 Toyota Crown Wagon (with a bonus donor car) offered for $1700 in Snohomish, WA via craigslist.

The Toyota Crown wasn’t a particularly rare car when new, but they are seldom seen on the road today due to attrition and rust.  In fact, a quick sweet of the world wide web only finds a handful for sale at any given time, in stark contrast to something like a Falcon that seem to be everywhere. 

Not sure if this is a cause of the Crowns demise or an effect of the limited number of survivors, but you may find it difficult to pickup replacement trim pieces.  Brakes, bearings, starters, (regular wear/tear pieces) are available from your local O’ReillyKragenZoneBoys, but replacement items like glass are going to be found at a premium.  It isn’t a reason not to restore a classic like this Crown, just a warning that everything will cost twice as much and take twice as long to receive.   Be glad this one comes with a donor vehicle for trim pieces you may need.

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