10k Seller Sub: 1979 Mercedes-Benz 450 SL

Today’s seller submission comes in the form of a two seat torpedo boat from our German friends in Stuttgart.  We sort of wanted our first seller submission to be a Thorsday entry- but alas – out of the cars submitted for sale, we picked the one we thought was cleanest and a fantastic buy.   This 1979 Mercedes-Benz 450 SL is for sale in Arvada/Golden, CO for $9000 on craigslist.

This R107 chassis beauty with a silky silver exterior and satin red interior looks amazing for a 33 year old car, probably because its been garage kept and only has 77k miles on its chassis.  This was back in the day when Daimler made cars that would outlast the apocalypse and this car will go for hundreds of thousands more miles with proper maintenance (and proper maintenance this car has had – the current owners run a local European car service center).  The 450 SL has a 4.5 liter SOHC V8 putting 222 horsepower and 278 ft-lbs of torque into a 3-spd automatic transmission. 


We know why we haven’t seen the Kool-Aid man in any television commercials recently – clearly he was skinned and used for the upholstery in this beauty! (check out this psychedelic Kool-Aid commercial from 1978 – there may be just a hint of LSD in every serving).  Whatever you do, don’t open the door in Pamplona during the annual encierro…thankfully your blood stains will blend into the factory color…

The SL will give you a comfortable ride with enough power/torque to cruise comfortably on the freeway or at the beach.  Its more of a cruiser or two seat grand tourer, perfect for Jim Rockford’s girlfriend, and we think that clean R107s should only appreciate with time.  As a bonus, the sellers are also asking considerably less than equivalent mileage coupes for sale on fleabay (examples #1 and #2).  Our only complaint is that we only have two photos to view this beauty – so if you buy it -please send us a few more.

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Everything you need to know about seller submissions is in this link.