5k: 1974 Maki Amphibious Car

Typically when we run out of our DT repository of arcane knowledge of automobiles, we turn to our friend the internet and start searching for more information…but this latest car has us in a bit of an information black hole.  Its a 1974 Maki M28 Amphibious Car/Boat, for sale in Dewitt, MI – on ebay bidding at $3800 with 3 days to go.

All we could find about the Maki is that it is an amphibious boat/car that is legal for street use, was allegedly manufactured in Italy and assembled and sold in Canada.  We aren’t so sure about the Italian roots – the best we could find for Maki was either a Japanese style of sushi or a variety of ring-tail Lemur (King Julian is a Maki!).  There was a “Maki Engineering” that entered a handful of cars Grand Prix racing in the mid 1970s, but we doubt there is any connection with this boat.  As King Julian says: “Yes, we all like chaos and mayhem. But we need orderly chaos and nice mayhem.”  This car gets the Zombie proof badge because everyone knows Zombies can’t swim.

The Maki is powered by a Tecumseh single cylinder 2-stroke engine (probably an OH160) putting out 16 horsepower into an undisclosed automatic transmission.  Power can also be put to the twin props in the rear during maritime operation.  Expect a road limited top speed of 45 mph and sea speed of 7 knots.

Inside the Maki is all business – a single gauge mounted behind the steering wheel and life-preserving seat cushions.   There is a video on youtube showing this exact same car for sale around a year ago (previous owner or current owner didn’t sell – we aren’t sure).

We still aren’t quite sure what to make of the Maki – it is a unique car that would certainly get lots of attention -but we don’t know how much you’d want to drive this or float in it.  Unfortunately amphibious vehicles typically take the worst attributes of boats/cars and combine them into a reason to own neither.  But – if we needed a golf cart that could traverse large water obstacles – this would be our first choice!

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