10k: Cougar Bait: 1967 Mercury Cougar; V8, Auto

The term secretary’s car is tossed around in automotive circles to describe a car that is particularly likely to be driven by a secretary.  But secretaries in name have all disappeared from the modern work environment and now are called things like administrative assistant or personal assistant.  What this means is that a secretary’s car now also brings with it a connotation of being driven by a blue-haired secretary…which is exactly what we’ve got today.  Find this 1967 Mercury Cougar V8-auto currently bidding on ebay for $6,300 reserve-not-met with only a few hours to go, located in Yorktown, VA.

No offense to anyone who drives a bone-stock whitewall equipped Cougar with white paint, but a head of grey/blue hair barely above the steering wheel is the image conjured up by this particular car.  It’s even got a super clean interior, 41k miles and auto trans and just screams “only driven on the weekend by a little old lady.”  No problem because we like our classics minty and clean.

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