2k: 2For1 Wild Starions: 1986-87 Mitsubishi Starion

It is a well known fact that certain makes/models attract piles of parts cars much to the dismay of nearby neighbors.  Triumphs are well known to have successful results in captive breeding programs but we’ve only recently discovered that the Mitsubishi Starion/Chrysler Conquest twins also grow like mushrooms in your yard.  Famed Austrian School economist Ludwig von Mises predicted this free market mechanism in his treatise on “Rasenflächen und wie sie wachsen wie Unkraut Kutsche ohne Pferde” (Lawns and How Zey Grow Zee Horseless Carriage Like Zee Veeds).  Find this pair of 1986/87 Mitsubishi Starions for sale in Yosemite, CA for $2000 obo via craigslist.  Tip from KBZ.

This pair of Mitsubishi Starions is offered as a package deal, no splitzees, no takebacks no givebacks.  A thousand bucks a piece isn’t a bad price to pay for a turbocharged rear-drive classic from the ’80s and anyone with a few spaces in his garage or yard should take a look at this package deal. One of them even looks like it might be “race prepped.” For what remains a mystery, but you can bet this guy has hordes of spares to go along with the beasts.

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