20k: Repeat Offender: 1972 Volvo 1800ES, Low Miles

We’ve been accused before of featuring too many Volvos, but this one is just so clean and has such low mileage, it’s hard to pass up…again.  DT posted this 1972 Volvo 1800ES with some seller provided hi-res images back in June and it failed to meet reserve on ebay.  DT’s staff value expert consulted his crystal ball and said it would probably get to $18k, but could exceed $20k with the right combination of multiple bidders, but it stalled at $17,800 and didn’t sell.  The 1800ES is back on ebay here, and is currently bidding for $8,100 reserve-not-met with Buy it Now of $22,000, located in Stamford, CT.

What will this low mile original condition classic wagon fetch on ebay this time?  Most wisdom says the best bids are given in the first auction…but if the right buyer sees this and has the cash, he might just hit the BIN button. Is $22k 2-2-much?

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