0k: There Is Always A Price: 1963 Chevrolet Corvair Spider Monza Turbo

First off, lets start with a disclaimer that this may be a scammer….is likely a scammer…heck it definitely is a scammer.  Seriously, no one gives stuff away , at least nothing of value.  Perhaps you’ll find a few free phone books (remember the yellow pages…I can remember thinking we’d never be able to live without that tome like it was yesterday) or some broken Ikea furtinure on the sidewalk, but free cars…yeah…that always come with a price.  Find this 1963 Chevrolet Corvair Spider Monza Turbo for free in Calgary, Alberta, Canada via kijiji.ca.  As seen on oppositelock.jalopnik.com from DEMON-XANTH.

Pic from oldcarandtruckads.com

This is probably some scammer trying to add email addresses to his spamabase, so use a burner email acct if you are going to send this guy a request for more info.  Still, if they were giving away from rusty Corvairs in our local Costco we’d have a hard time saying no…the wife may not agree…

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