You Want How Much? 1955 Volkswagen Samba Microbus De Luxe 23 Window

This next car comes as a tip from John who also included some commentary — all words are his: I realize the market for old VW busses is higher than a Deadhead on a double dose of Owsley’s finest, but please tell me that the price of this one is completely off in fantasy land. Find part of the rotten, dismembered corpse of a 1955 Volkswagen Microbus De Luxe Samba, Factory 23 window, Type 241 in Richmond, Virginia listed for $34,500 on Hemmings. I get that a well-earned patina can be cool and lend a certain cred to an old survivor, but after several decades mouldering in the Virginia woods this one seems to be at least as much oxide as iron.

The seller has quite helpfully cut what’s left of this hulk into small pieces for easy shipping.

Note that this vehicle originally came with a 4-speed manual transmission (not included).  The engine is also missing.  And, it seems, all of the running gear and at least most of the interior.  Oh yeah, and the frame – that would be an extra $17,500, plus shipping from a different source.  It looks like you might get 2 of the 23 original windows.  The odometer is included and shows 33,360 miles, which seems to be completely irrelevant.  The speedometer seems to be stuck showing the maximum speed attained way back when this bus was actually operational.

But hey, the seller goes to great lengths to show that this vehicle has a very loose and tenuous association with James Dean – the ‘rebel without a cause’ might actually have seen this vehicle when it was new on the dealer’s lot.  Wow, that clinches it for me!

See a better way to spend something like $35/pound for some VW-shaped pieces of rust?

Thanks John for the article! DT E-i-C Vince