What In The Elio? 1995 Yamaha Trike

This next tip comes from Slowboy who calls it a Weird friggin trike thing and writes; Doesn’t look complete, but uh… I dunno. The ad doesn’t have a lot of info, and the pictures suck. Have a link.  Don’t mind if I do.  Find this 1995 Yamaha Trike offered for $5,000 in Dayton, OH via craigslist.

The 3-wheeled trike is an interesting middle ground in the car versus motorcycle debate.  Trikelodytes claim that they offer the performance of a bike with the practicality of a car, but a part of me worries you’ll end up with a vehicle that offers the safety of a motorcycle with performance still car like. Truth be told I’ve never driven a trike, so maybe the thrill of semi-open-air motoring with a screaming bike engine and squirrely rear would be fun.

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