Warehouse Full of Lancia & Fiat Parts

This next feature is probably the best ratio of used dollar to original retail dollar of any DT feature — including the half of million dollar Bentley Continental R. I don’t know what a box of 124 hand brakes for a Fiat Spider might have cost when new, but I can tell you that I want that box. Mostly because if I had a Spider, I’d have some spares. Lotta spares. The same goes for the handful of door panels, hoods, driveshaft support brackets…and oh…wait…that’s a box of Fiat 124 hand brakes, not a 124 count of hand brakes…well, this is still a steal for $1500. Why so cheap? Because the seller is getting out of the Fiat/Lancia business so he can concentrate on Maserati Biturbo parts….can’t find fault in that logic. Find this Warehouse Full of Lancia & Fiat Parts offered for $1500 (bring yer truck) in Santa Rosa, CA via craigslist.

From the seller:

After close to 40 years in the Fiat/Lancia business I find it time to liquidate all my used parts so I can concentrate on Maserati Biturbo parts. I am hoping to find another Fiat/Lancia nut that will pick up the whole lot. Most everything is 124/2000 Spider 1968-85, Lancia Beta 1975-82, and some Fiat 850 and X1/9 parts. This lot consists of;
6) Spider 2000 front hoods, 4) 124/2000 Spider windshields with complete frames, X1/9 front trunk lid, 1) 75-78 Beta Coupe fron hood, 1) 79-82 Beta Coupe/Zagato front hood, 2) 124 5 spped transmissions, 4-5) 2000 door panels, 2) 2000 seat backs, rt side, 1) lower cushion, 20+) 124/2000 front bumper ends, 3-4) 2000 carbureted down pipes, 25+) 124/2000 headlamp assemblies, Misc seat belts, Misc small smog parts, box of misc lamps, small brake parts, carb/fuel parts. Fiat test pipes. Box of front bumper brackets 75-85 124. 4) 2000 Spider wiring harnesses, 1) 850 Spider wiring harness, Zagato under hood harness inc fuse boxes. Box of 124/2000 driveshaft support brackets, safety bracket and trans mount brackets. Zagato: axles, carb air filter assy, wiper motor and linkage assembly, Misc Zagato parts. X1/9 1500 axles. Scorpion parts; Ignition parts, carb and smog parts, wiper motors, headlamp motor, exterior trim, plastic headlamp trim. 2) 124 Spider seat base, 1) 2000 seat base, 6-8 124 2000 Spider head rests, 15+) 124/2000 armrest/door pulls, misc 124 spider taillamp lenses, 20+ 124/2000 gas door s with handle, 7+ radiator fans, 3) 124/2000 wiper linkage, box of 124 clutch pedals, box of 124 hand brakes. Bring $1500.00 cash and a truck . One could easily make all the money back on the hoods alone, all in excellent condition. I also have a lot more common 124/2000 Spider parts as well as a lot of NOS parts not in this package that I could be talked into selling for a very reasonable price. www.auto-italia.com

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