Turbo Feeds Blower: 1980 Detroit Diesel 8V71N

There are few engines that make a better noise than an old 2-stroke Detroit Diesel…if you know, you know. I find it amazing that Detroit introduced the first Series-71 two-stroke diesel in 1938 and continued production through 1995. A two-stroke diesel that could somehow pass emissions standards in 1995? Nuts. And don’t think these were some kind of ancient low power thumpers…this 8V71N is a 9.3 liter V8 with a blower and a turbo, which should make 350 horsepower (at 2100 rpm) and 965 ft-lbs of torque. The N suffix at the end designates needle unit injectors and 4 exhaust valves per cylinder (no need for any intake valves on a two-stroke). These are legendary engines with ported cylinder liners that are works of art and today’s example is a steal of it runs. But the real question is; where do you put a 2400 lbs 2-stroke Diesel to cause the most amount of grief from the automotive community? Perhaps someone could find an S2000 that is missing an engine? Or a MkIV Supra? Find this 1980 Detroit Diesel 8V71N offered for $1200 in Portsmouth, OH via dieselbook marketsmoke.

From the seller:

1980 Detroit Diesel 8v71n Turbo
Listed 6 weeks ago in Portsmouth, OH
About This Vehicle
Driven 50,000 miles
Automatic transmission
Exterior color: Green · Interior color: Green
Fuel type: Diesel
2 owners
Seller’s Description
came from International COE truck
good runner

Portsmouth Ohio

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