Free Ejection Seat: 1975 MiG-21 Cockpit

The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 was a supersonic jetfighter that first saw service in the Soviet Air Force in 1959. It was surprisingly able to achieve a Mach 2 airspeed (at 43,000 ft) with its single afterburner equipped Tumansky R-25-300 turbojet and downed a significant number of American planes during the Vietnam war. In fact, it was the MiG-21 (and its MiG-17 little brother) that led the US Navy to develop the TopGun Navy Fighter Weapons School to teach aerial dog fighting in the jet age. Today’s feature isn’t a complete MiG-21, but only the cockpit…in case you want to mount it on top of a VW Beetle chassis and drive around town. Find this 1975 MiG-21 Cockpit offered for $6,000 in East Lansing, MI via planeface migitbook.

From the seller:

1975 Mikoyan mig-21mf
Listed a day ago in East Lansing, MI
About This Vehicle
Exterior color: Null · Interior color:
Seller’s Description
MiG-21MF75 cockpit section
You too can make jet noises in the eastern blocs greatest lawn dart.
No charge for the ejection seat.

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