Rockette 215 Alloy V8: 1961 Oldsmobile Jetfire F-85

The world of automobiles changed a lot from the 1950s through the 1960s. Cars from the ’50s were heavy body-on-frame and overly complicated and things changed each year. They were more like grandfather clocks than the things we buy from the dealer today…but by the 1960s the mass production mentality had taken over and cars were less bespoke and more produced. They did lose some of the “hey, check out this wacky gauge cluster that’s only available on a ’58 panache”, but they were ostensibly better in 99% of the tangible ways you drive a car. This next car comes from the 1961 model year which was the first for the Olds version of the GM Y-body platform (Oldsmobile F-85 Jetfire, Buick Special Skylark, Pontiac Tempest LeMans), and it can best be described as a transitionary year. It was a unibody thing, but it still had the 50s tailfin styling, but it had the Olds version of the Buick 215 V8 which was called the Rockette (not Rocket) V8. Find this 1961 Oldsmobile Jetfire bidding for $7,650 in Franklin Lakes, NJ via ebay with a few hours to go.

From the seller:

I bought this car about two years ago as a non-running but very original dry barn find.
Since then it has had:
New single stage enamel Garnet Mist paint as original, the original paint was faded
Roof painted Oldsmobile White
New Headliner
New Carpet
Much of the seating and door cards were replaced to match original
Generator rebuilt
Carb rebuilt
Fuel pump replaced’
Fuel lines replaced
Fuel tank rebuilt
New Fuel sender
New Battery
New 13″ whitewall tires and hubcaps and four bolt rims(I also have 14″ new whitewalls and rims and hubcaps, but I have another car I can use the tires on, so they would be a separate negotiation)
Rebuilt transmission and drive shaft(was over $4000)
Removeable luggage rack was found and installed(itself a very hard to find item)
New distributor
New Coil
New Wires and plugs
All fluids changed
New brakes(master cylinder wheel cylinders etc)
I’m sure there is a lot more I am not remembering.

Car starts and drives fine, can use a new tune up, it takes some time to warm up and misses a bit when it’s cold.
Turn signals need some new bulbs.
Instruments work.
Wipers work.
Lights work.
Horn just went silent this week.
Exhaust is a single cherry bomb exiting behind the left rear wheel. It’s got a nice rumble to it, not crazy loud, but certainly not stock.
Can use wheel alignment and balancing.
It’s certainly not a flawless show car, I’d call it an “8” not a “10” but you can do more to it or drive it as is.
The engine is a ROCKETTE not ROCKET v8, you can google the specs.\
There is no third row seat, that was not an option on this car, it was considered a compact car in it’s day, but it’s not that small! And not that big…
The two tone upholstry is the original scheme.
The white roof was offered from the factory this car did not have it.. I had it added because it’s awesome.
It has vent windows!
The rear window cranks down.
It has no AC but plenty of airflow through in the summer, not a hot box.
Heat works.
Orignal AM radio present but not working.

Study the pictures.
Ask questions.

It might be possible to come view the car if I have time.

I am selling it because I have way too many cars, one of which is a 1968 Vista Cruiser which is almost done, which will replace this, plus a 62 Starfire which is a lot more deluxe than this.

This was a passion project, a labor of love, and I am proud to have brought it back to life after it was put away in 1992, but it has to go.

Note…you are bidding to buy a car, not the right to come look at it.
A $500 non refundable deposit is due immediately.
The balance is due via WIRE TRANSFER ONLY within 72 hours.
After that, you have ten days to remove the car. I do need the room. If you need more time, say so before you bid and I will find a place to store the car for you.
I have no problem at all working with your shipper. I am very accomodating to them.
Car runs and drives and is registered and insured in my name.
It is located in Franklin Lakes, new jersey, 07417,

Enjoy.,,even if you are not bidding…enjoy! It’s a rare and unique bird, almost none still exist, and a shining example of Eames-era jet fighter type american design exceptionalism.

Oh yeah…my vintage fishing rods and tackle box are not included!

See a better way to drive a wicked wagon?