PISA Jalapeño Kit Car: 1987 Pontiac Fiero

Ever wondered what a Fiero entry into Group B might have looked like? Me neither, but here is one possibility.  Find this Jalapeño Kit Car for sale in Bellevue, NE for $2,500 via craigslist.

Yes, this project looks like the love child of a Jeep Liberty and a Suzuki X90, but it is better than a plain old Fiero any old day. Maybe there is also a little Isuzu Vehicross inspiration in its design. A quick search shows that the creator, PISA (Phoenix International Sport Automobiles), is still around and has other neato kits for sale, as well.  (DT featured a PISA Fiero Kit back in 2015).

You gotta admit you would like to take this thing on some sand dunes and see how a lifted Fiero handles things.  Part of you also would very much like to stick a Northstar Caddy engine in it and flog it around on a twisty dirt road.  Would we expect it imitate a Renault R5 or a Lancia Stratos accurately?  No, but it would probably act a lot differently than a Toyota pickup or a WRX. 

Below is what the finished product should look like painted in blow-up-doll beige. There’s no hiding those Fiero doors, but the look is better than a lift alone. With 80% of the construction done, it seems like a little work and a lot of fun for the asking price.

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