More Than You Can Afford, Pal: 1997 Ferrari F355 Spider

This next car is expensive. Mighty expensive. More than a reasonable person should spend on a car…but, it isn’t that much more than the average person spends on a new car. Yup, the average new car price just crossed $40k for the first time last year. Which is insane. But you know what’s not insane — is owning a piece of Italian history for a few more bucks. Because gated shifter equipped Ferraris without turbochargers and electronic motors are a thing of beauty and, regrettably, a thing of the past. The best part is that you can own uno Ferrari for less than the price of a modified MkIV Supra Turbo, and that ain’t bad. Find this 1997 Ferrari F355 Spider offered for $64,980 buy-it-now or make-offer in Beaumont, TX via eBay.

I pulled a screen grab from Hagerty’s valuation tool and it estimates that the F355 is on the way up in value…which makes sense –it is now 25 years old and the nice versions are spending more time in the garage (or mechanic). Personally, I think this is a way better bet than GameStop stock, but I’ve always been a contrarian investor and a lover of gated shifters.

From the seller:

1997 Ferrari 355
Over 35k in service history receipts
Brand new tires installed and 4 wheel alignment done this week
No Sticky buttons
This car has been meticulously maintained and cared for, it is basically blemish free and runs like a dream. Everything works as it should and is ready to sit in you garage just in time for Christmas! This is a Gated car and is appreciating in value daily! Comes with longtube headers and exhaust to give you that Ferrari signature sound!

Basic Information

  • Year: 1997
  • Make: Ferrari
  • Model: 355
  • Trim: Spider
  • VIN: ZFFXR48A5V0106784
  • Condition: Used
  • Mileage: 65,569
  • Color: Red


  • Fuel Type: Gasoline

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