Looks Familiare: 1970 Fiat 124 Wagon

For some strange reason, it seems that most of the Fiat 124s we find for sale are some Soviet built Lada 1200/1300 version or some other licensed oddball…but not today.  Today, we’ve got a scruffy looking Fiat branded version for a bargain price where you might need to bring a tow dolly.  Find this 1970 Fiat 124 Wagon offered for $250 in SF Bay Area, CA via craigslist.  Tip from Kaibeezy.

The Fiat 124 should not be confused with the 124 CoupĂ©, 124 Sport Spider or new 2016 124 Spider…you’d think with 1000 3-digit combinations available the guys at Fiat could have been a bit more creative with their naming…but a conversation inside Fiat’s naming group (Gruppo di Denominazione e Vino) probably went like this:  

Marco: Porsche and Peugeot have taken all the good numbers, we name-a this next car the 124 too.  

Roberto: The 124-2? What’s-a the 2-a mean?

Giuseppe: Prego, prego. <hand waving> 

Marco:  No, no no <hand waving> just-a the 124.  Like the other 124s.

Roberto: This-a might be the vino a-speakin, but I like-a this idea too.  Let’s-a eat.

The seller recommends that the buyer has a towing device to bring it home…so here goes.  We would replace the clothespin holding the climate control together with a period specific clothespin.  Apart from layers of dirt/grime it appears to be usable as-is.  Repaint the entire car (or keep the vintage patina), fill the tank with some period correct gasoline, and it will be worth $50k at auction in six months. 

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