Get Your Own Daily Turismo Sticker Tomorrow In San Diego At “Big SoCal Euro” Show

The staff of the Daily Turismo is heading to the Big SoCal Euro event at Qualcomm Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego and we’ll have a big roll of stickers to give out.  These stickers can be used to bandage self inflicted gunshot wounds, practice sticky origami, hold bumpers on Fords, display your unending love of DT or tape up the mouths of hostages.  Whatever…they cost us a few nickles and we are going to give them out for free – you can use them for target practice or wiping your…face. Some are nice vinyl window stickers, others are better for your toolbox or Trapper Keeper.  We’ve also got a handful of T-shirts and mugs, but those cost more than a nickle so we will be running a larger batch for public consumption in the next few weeks. 

Head down to San Diego and keep an eye out for the DT Project Car Volvo 242 and Chris, Vince & Mark – we are the dudes in DT T-shirts.  Can’t make it to North Tijuana on a day’s notice but still desperately want DT stickers to put on your neighbors Vespa? No problem, we’ll send out leftover stickers to anyone who wants one after the show.

Also – keep a sharp eye out for the next DT project car as seen on this car carrier…full details coming soon.