5k: Wave Runner: 1984 Chevrolet Cavalier Car Boat

The terms land yacht and boat are used to describe big heavy American cars, typically those from the  1970s with huge hoods and under-damped suspension. They are known for handling like aquatic vehicles, where turning is an imprecise art involving the width of a shipping lane, but they typically don’t look much like actual boats. The seller of today’s featured land yacht decided to build an actual boat look-a-like.  Find this 1984 Chevy Cavalier based boat car for sale in Caldwell, NJ currently bidding on ebay for $1,825 reserve-not-met with 2 days to go.

First thing’s first, you may be disappointed to learn that this boat does not float – or it floats about as well as anything built by the boys over at BBC’s Top Gear, which means it will float about as well as any stock Volkswagen.  It is however the most convincing boat that drives we have ever seen.

This strange looking contraption is based on a Chevy Cavalier front drive J-body econobox.  A stock Cavalier is a horrible car to drive before you hack apart any torsional stiffness and add 1,000 lbs of fiberglass boat on top…so expect this thing to be an advanced insight to medieval purgatory.

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