DT COW: The Commenter of the Week is Anonymous!

The Mayan Carpocalypse has come and gone, and few people remember the strange looking GRX Interceptor that was featured late last year and cost $1.8 million dollars when new.  We were surprised to get see a comment on that post arrive two months after the fact…and want to share it with our readers:

look cool to me may be you couch potatos should try building something better when u get thru playing mini pocket pool I meet tommy at an auto show very cool smart an rich dude

Congratulations to anonymous! His prize is not a photo of the aforementioned GRX Interceptor built by the cool, smart and rich Tommy…it is the following quote from Phillip Howard’s The State of the Language: English Observed, 1985 :

All we can do is hang on to our colons: punctuation
is bound to change, like the rest of language; punctuation is made for
man, not man for punctuation; a good sentence should be intelligible
without the help of punctuation in most cases; and, if you get in a
muddle with your dots and dashes, you may need to simplify your
thoughts, and shorten your sentence.

When the applause subsides, we will continue our game of mini pocket pool.

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