Dealer in Denver: 1985 Toyota Camry LE Hatchback

This next car comes as a tip from John W who writes: Here is a chance to drive a piece of history for not big bags of money. This is a first generation U.S. Camry (‘83 to ‘86). Toyota says that there are only 772 first generation Camrys on the road, according to And those 772 are dropping like flies, judging from the few that are out there for sale. Most of those will be lucky to make it to the end of December. A common mileage is 200,000+. A total of 10,000,000 Camrys have been sold in the U.S. Find this 1985 Toyota Camry LE Hatchback offered for $9,500 in Denver, CO via gateway classic cars.

From the seller:

Gateway Classic Cars in Denver is offering up a 1985 Toyota Camry LE Hatchback
introduced in 1983 the Toyota Camry with small, four-cylinder engines and enough amenities inside to get a bigger slice of the American market, as the cars were still big. So, despite the CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) (enacted by congress in 1975), the American Cars couldn’t have been named as economical compared to most Japanese cars. Toyota did not win any design contest for the wedged-shaped, first-generation Camry. 1985 Camry’s flat panels, and strait lines were far from being everyone’s car style choice. By doing so, Toyota could create a spacious interior by using a front-wheel drive platform with a transverse-mounted engine. Under the hood, Toyota installed a choice of two inline-four gasoline engines, ( this one has the 2.0 L I4) Toyota offered a four-speed automatic transmission as an option, (which this one has) This one has Power Mirrors, This is a Time capsule, that is well preserved.

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See a better way to drive an old hatch?