Buy Of The Week: Old Yeller- 1966 Corvair Convertible With A/C – Sold.

In a market crowded with lots of over-priced cars, cars posted without an asking price, and cars posted in a manner that purposely hides defects, we really appreciate coming across sellers who are candid about the condition of their cars. Especially when those cars represent a real opportunity for their next owner.  Case in point, last week’s 1966 Corvair Convertible with A/C.

Why are we making such a big deal about a lowly little Corvair with a 110hp engine? Because someone picked it up for a song on Ebay last week at $1900.66


…and the 1966 Corvair convertible shown below sold a few days later on Ebay for $12,760!!

While the yellow car is a just 110 HP 4 speed Monza and the red car is a 140 HP Corsa with the proper gauge package and some ’67 style GM road wheels, the yellow car is cheaper by a whopping $10K.  $10,000 buys a van’s worth of stuff from Harbor Freight, Sears, OPG and Clark’s Corvair Parts.  In short, the new owner has plenty of cushion to restore or modify Old-Yeller their own personal tastes

Hat’s off to whoever stepped forward on this one.  If you’re reading this, we’d love to hear about how Old-Yeller turns out for you.

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