Bracq Friday Night Lights: 1972 Mercedes-Benz 250C W114

The Mercedes-Benz W114 was yet another gorgeous 3-box styling design from famed designed Paul Bracq. Most of the W114s you find around are the basic 4-door sedan version, but a few are the sporty coupe. Can a car that hits 60mph in 15 seconds actually be sporty…sure…it is just a matter a opinion, I guess. Happy Bracq Friday! Find this 1972 Mercedes-Benz 250C offered for $9000 in Somersworth, NH. Tip from Carter.

From the seller:

1972 Mercedes Benz 250C Coupe
fuel: gas
title status: missing
transmission: automatic

Walk Around



Drive by

This car is gas, not diesel. The car is registered and inspected and I drive it. I have many more photos including lots of underside pix and a video walk around of the exterior and underneath. Serious inquiries can arrange a time to come see the car. This is an exceptionally clean, rust free car with a beautiful red interior and I have several like this sell online for $12,000-$24,000.

None of the usual areas rusted like the door bottoms, radiator support, trunk drop offs, quarters or spare tire well. Really an excellent car that needs very little and can be driven as is.


Brake rotors, calipers and pads were all just replaced at all 4 wheels. (within last 50 miles) Very clean, rust free southern car. (See underside pix – can send extensive video of underside)
Florida title in hand – NH is a non title state so I do not have a NH title but can provide a copy of the most recent registration.
Was repainted by a prior owner. Paint is excellent except in small areas where noted
New choke installed within last 50 miles on original Zenith carburetor.
Sunroof works.
Original radio works.
Interior/headliner in excellent shape (see pix – can send more)
New battery
Original owners manual in glove box

Known Defects:

A few small rust bubbles, one on either side just behind rear windows (pictured) and one at edge of sunroof (pictures)
Some hesitation or “stumble” when accelerating from a dead stop. The vintage Mercedes specialist who installed the choke for me felt the hesitation was due to a failed accelerator pump in the carburetor. (This is what gives the car a shot of gas when you accelerate which makes sense because heavy acceleration calls for a bigger squirt of gas and it’s not getting it. Accelerator pump could be replaced or a brand new set of Weber carbs would cost under $900.)
Map pocket on drivers side is broken off but included with the car.
Drivers seat won’t fold forward
Odometer and trip meter not working – true mileage unknownInstrument gauge lights not currently working, may be a bad rheostat or bulb
Gas gauge not working – assessed by European Auto mechanic and he felt the fuel sender needed to be replaced.
Trunk seal – replaced with a new OEM seal, a few small holes (smaller than a dime) in trunk patched and trunk re-painted.
One rear window crank broken off.