8k: Never Used: 1991 Geo Metro LSi, 548 miles

Today’s luxury hybrids are bought to make more of a statement than an impact. The convertible version of Geo’s three-cylinder Metro makes the same statement, but this untouched example takes it to the next level. If your car needs to tell people you’re rich, unsupportive of funding foreign oil, and dumb as a brick eccentric, you better buy the most expensive Geo on the market and call it an investment. Find this 1991 Geo Metro LSi with only 548 miles for $8,000 in Bethel, OH via craigslist. 

The seller says this Metro was “kept in a garage since purchase and is in near perfect condition.” We wonder what circumstances prompted such unusual purchase behavior (extreme buyer’s remorse?) and timeline. Why wait until now to sell it? Why not in 2008 when gas prices peaked? Or in 2016 for Classic Car eligibility? And if the car has new tires (and battery, wiper blades, fuel pump and hoses) why do they look so dirty already?


Interior pictures show floor mats as white as they’ll ever be, and racy red piping around two-tone gray seats. Power steering and air conditioning must have been radical advances in technology for an early ’90s Geo, but power windows were still a few years off. You’ll have to work for the precious wind noise to drown out the grating yet thrifty 1.0L SOHC three-cylinder, unfortunately connected to an automatic.

In December, a 6,000-mile Metro LSi convertible unearthed itself in Nebraska, and now this. One is an anomaly. Two is a coincidence. Three, and America’s 24-hour news machine creates a banner for it after deciding if “craze” or “epidemic” will garner better ratings.

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PhiLOL actually likes the tuna here, but abhors structural rust. Save the manuals.