5k: 1973 AMC Hornet 4-Door; Plum Colored Low Mile Survivor

The AMC Hornet debuted in 1970 as a replacement for the outgoing Rambler and lasted until the dissolution of AMC in 1988.  The Hornet chassis outlasted many better cars and was used as the basis of several other AMC cars including the innovative all-wheel-drive Eagle wagon.  This 1973 AMC Hornet 4-door is covered in a particularly ghastly shade of purple and for sale in Muncy, PA for $4,600 or best offer on ebay.

The AMC Hornet arrived just in time for the crash of the American muscle car market, a fuel crisis, silly safety/bumper rules, tightening emissions regulations and fantastic competition from a small Pacific Island nation.  It survived the onslaught of requirements and competition quite well due to its compact unibody construction, fuel friendly engines (this point is strictly relative…) and cheap entry price.

 This Hornet doesn’t pack much sting under its hood – its got a 232 cubic inch (3.8 liter) inline 6 that puts out 145 (SAE gross) horsepower and 215 ft-lbs of torque.  The V8 powered Hornets were considerably quicker but the inline 6 should be easier on fuel.

 The inside of this Hornet looks great – probably an indication that the claimed 10,000 miles on the odometer are actual miles and not 110k or 210k…or its been restored.  If the miles can be proved (via extensive documentations that can’t be easily forged) this car should be worth more than the average purple Hornet.

 The white vinyl top on a purple car won’t be liked by everyone – but it certainly will be a conversation piece…  Unfortunately the color is what sets this car apart (as well as the miles on the odo) but a quick search of the internet doesn’t show any plum or purple colors as options for this year, even though the owner states it is in ‘original condition.’  Perhaps an AMC expert can shed some light on the possible originality of this color on the Hornet.

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