2k: Celebrate Thorsday! 1968 Volvo 122 Amazon

The Volvo Amazon (called the 120 series outside of Sweden) was
the more practical, more upright but still cool older sibling of the
P1800 sporty car, to which it donated its engine, transmission, and
suspension optionsThe Amazon (originally Amason) was designed all the way back in the early 50’s, started
rolling out of the factory in 1956, and in typical Volvo stubborn
fashion it soldiered on all the way through 1970 with very few changes.  Occasionally, survivor examples appear for next to nothing and today is your lucky day.  Find this 1968 Volvo 122 Amazon offered for $2,800 in Denver, CO via craigslist.  Tip from Fueltruck.

What’s not to love about the Amazon’s styling – it was penned by Volvo designer extraordinaire Jan Wilsgaard,
who was born in Brooklyn but went on to design almost all of our
favorite vintage Volvos. Although he didn’t design the P1800, he was
responsible for its transformation into the sleek 1800ES. The Amazon is
clearly inspired by ’50s American cars, with its pontoon fenders,
vestigial tailfins and wide-mouth grille.

Under the hood is Volvo’s tractor-motor-like B18, equipped with a non-cross-flow head and pushrods, it is a decidedly old school setup.  Power from the 1.8 liter 4-banger is rated at 100 horsepower and this one is shifted via a 4-speed manual gearbox.  It won’t make for a fast driving experience, but it rewards the driver in simple fashion, like the comfort of an old pair of shoes.

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