20k: #118 of 250: 1995 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R

The SN-95 was a jelly bean shaped re-design of Ford’s venerable Mustang pony car and debuted in 1994 with a basic V6, a V8 GT model and a tire-melting SVT Cobra version.  The Cobra version was the hot one to get, but in 1995 they released a limited run of 250 Cobra R models that really turned up the heat.  MSRP was almost $40k for a car without air conditioning, a back seat or radio –and you needed a competition license to buy it, but the entire production run was spoken for.  Find this 1995 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R for sale in Moss Point, MS for $26,000 via craigslist.  Tip from Wesley D.

With only 250 examples in existence, the Cobra R doesn’t come up for sale very often…but being the end-all be-all of 90s Mustangs, the current asking price does not seem bad at all, especially given the 3600 miles on the odometer.  Unfortunately the skimpy advertisement leaves a lot to be desired, but if a car like this comes up for sale on ebay with a detailed ad and 50 pictures you can bet the dealer selling it is going to want top dollar.  Sometimes the best deals have the worst ads.  

While the basic GT and SVT Cobra used a 5.0 liter version of the Ford Windsor V8, the Cobra R got a 5.8 liter version of the same engine modified to produce 300 horsepower.  This was the first factory Mustang to exceed the magical 300 hp barrier since 1974 and was faster than every Mustang produced before it.

One of the few details the seller provides in the ad text is that this car is white outside and tan inside…which we already knew becuase it is a 1995 Cobra R and they were ALL white with saddle cloth.  The Cobra R also used enormous 17×9 rims with fat sticky tires and a 22 gallon fuel cell.  It is not clear how many of the Cobra R’s actually got track time versus lived a pampered garage life, but we can imagine these would be great for weekend trips to your local road course.

See a better limited edition track special for less?  You aren’t going to find an RS America for this price and the Cobra R should be faster on track and 1/8th the cost of maintenance.  tips@dailyturismo.com