15k: Shelby Parts ASAP: 1963 Ford Falcon Sedan Delivery Van

Imagine it is 1967 at the Shelby factory in Venice, CA.  Mr. Shelby notices that his cowboy hat is dirty and the stockroom is out of modified lower control arms.  You get the nod from the shop foreman, and you need to get new LCAs at the supplier in Whittier and pick up a new 10-gallon hat downtown in the next 45 minutes.  You arrive at the Shelby company car parking and are presented with two choices of delivery vehicle. One is some nondescript 1950s beast of a stake-side pickup and the other is a supercharged Ford Falcon delivery van. Which one? Easy choice, Poindexter.  Fire up the supercharged V8 on this 1963 Ford Falcon Delivery van for sale in Spokane, WA currently bidding on ebay for $13,433 reserve-not-met with 4 days to go.

The Falcon name was also used on the larger Econoline Van, but that was called the Club Wagon and was a significantly different vehicle from the small Falcon sedan.  The Falcon sedan delivery was a breadvan shaped 2-door sold in small quantities for around town needs.  The seller recounts a story of GM designer turned race driver Peter Brock building a Sedan Delivery into a bit of a hot rod for race car towing and this car is a tribute to that original preserved car.

This Falcon uses a Mexican block 302 (5.0 liter) V8, built internals, free flowing intake/exhaust and a vintage era-correct Paxton centrifugal supercharger.  The seller estimates 500 horsepower into the 5-speed TKO transmission and we’d estimate that this will be a hoot to drive around.

The interior has been restored and includes a vintage center mounted tach and seat-belts with big thick racing harness style latches.  A peek in the back shows a simple flat area for storing junk or taking a nap.

This is a clone of a unique car but we haven’t seen many of these around, so no firm bets on where the bidding will be when the gavel hits the block.  Our only hope is that the seller is realistic with his price and doesn’t have the reserve set at something ridiculous.

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