15k: Seller Submission: 1964 Ford Country Sedan Wagon

The Ford Country Sedan was a full sized 6 or 9 passenger wagon built on the full sized Ford sedan platform starting in 1952 and ending in 1974 when it was superseded by the LTD Wagon.  The 1964 Country Sedan was based on the Galaxie and featured subdued painted sides instead of the faux wood trim of the Country Squire.  Find this 1964 Ford Country Sedan Wagon currently bidding for $9,101 with $12,500 reserve on ebay, located in Salt Lake City, UT with a few hours to go.  Seller submission from Scott. 

From the seller: This is my old Ford.  It’s interesting because it’s all original. 
Paint, interior, drivetrain are just about 100% stock and still looking

Stock and original cars to hard to find these days and are much preferred to a dilapadated rust bucket that needs $10k in repairs or the recently Earl Scheib sprayed flipper sale. 

Under the hood of this robin’s egg blue classic is a 352 cubic inch FE V8, good for 220 horsepower and mated to a 3-speed Cruise-O-Matic slushbox. The Country Sedan won’t win an pinks at your local 1/4 mile drag strip, but it get to and maintain highway speeds with ease.

This old beast is equipped with bench seats and safety belts for two of the front passengers, because back in the 1960s only the safety if you and your beehive doo’d wife was important.  The kids could get smashed into pulp in a head-on with a drunken mine truck driver and nobody cared.  Ah the good old days…

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