15k: Is This The Road To Meranello? 1988 Pontiac Fiero Mera Northstar V8

 The Holy Grail of Pontiac Fiero family has always been the 1987-88 Mera, a car so shamelessly derivative of the Ferrari 308 that it is almost always painted red with embarrassment.  According to Fiero.net, a gentleman by the name of Bob Bracey from Corporate Concepts in Michigan engineered/built the Mera conversion for Pontiac.  The total Mera production is 247 and they do show up for sale occasionally, but this appears to be one that has had its engine upgraded to a Northstar V8.  Find this 1988 Pontiac Fiero Mera offered for $17,000 buy-it-now here on eBay located in Orlando, FL.

The Mera re-body was technically a dealer installed option, you would buy a new Fiero and the dealer would install the Ferrari Mera body panels giving you a zero mile custom that carries an original Pontiac vin.   Production only lasted for two years before Ferrari’s lawyers put an end to poor folks playing Magnum PI on the weekends.  Actually, the Mera package was quite expensive when new, MSRP could easily exceed $29k and get you into Corvette territory at the time.  Personally, I think the asking price on this one is a bit high (lots of other cool machines you could get into for that much dough) but you don’t see many for sale.

This cheesy promotional video from gives you a quite tutorial in putting the Mera in ‘Merican — but the short story is that the Fiero’s steel superstructure was perfect for bolting up the Fauxrarri parts for “instant status as close as your Pontiac dealer.”

The seller describes the car as being less than 2400 miles since conversion, which at first I assumed meant that it was a standard Fiero converted to Mera body, but the conversion is under the hood.  The original Pontiac V6 has been replaced with a Northstar V8 from a Cadillac that should be good for 270-300 horsepower depending on donor vehicle.  One has to wonder how difficult it will be to change headgaskets now that it is inside the Pontiac engine bay…

Unfortunately the swap uses an automatic transmission, but the dozen or so Ferrari badges inside/out of the car will easily make up for the performance losses from not shifting your own gears.

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