15k: 1972 Mercedes-Benz 250C

We just couldn’t resist posting another vintage Mercedes and this time we are going to push the higher end of our budget with a 2-door.  We like 4 door cars because they are always cheaper when fully depreciated and they almost never become “Barrett-Jackson” inflated to ‘rich dudes only club’ levels…but the 2 doors are always better looking.  This 1972 Mercedes-Benz 250C is for sale in Costa Mesa, CA for $17k asking, via craigslist.

This Mercedes is offered for sale from a dealer in Orange County, and regardless of his assertions that it is a “C-Class”, this car is a W114 MBZ 250C — C is the designation for coupe.  However, in the seller’s definese – the W114 was a lower end Merc positioned and priced below the W108 chassis (similar to today’s C and S class cars).

This W114 is powered by a carburetor equipped M130 2.8 liter inline 6 cylinder gasoline engine putting out 128 horsepower and 158 ft-lbs of torque – and thankfully for us this is mated to a 4 speed manual transmission with shifter on the floor.  We would have given this car the ‘minty clean’ badge -because it is ‘surgery room’ free of dirt under the hood – but the stock battery hold down bracket is missing, the windshield washer reservoir looks to be free to bounce around with the battery and the coil looks non-OE.

Inside this vintage MBZ looks great – down to its original Becker AM/FM radio and thin rimmed steering wheel with chrome horn ring.  We especially love the vintage gauges – but wish they could have provided a tach from the factory.  The interior looks like it was upholstered in George Hamilton’s skin -and it has weathered the years well.  The vinyl material they used for seats in this era (MB-tex) is legendary for its ability to look great after years of use.

We do like this car…but we aren’t sure that surrounding it with vintage porsches will make some of that price appreciation rub off.  We would try and talk the seller down a few thousand of dollars because these cars really don’t have a huge rich collector following, but how often can you find a well loved original like this with a 4 speed on the floor for the price of a new Honda Fit.

See another set of MB-tex in perfect condition inside a clean body?  email us here:  tips@dailyturismo.com