5k: 1990 BMW 524TD 5spd Euro

The e34 BMW 5 series was sold in the USA with multiple gasoline engines but the fuel efficient and torquey turbo diesels were not exported stateside due to the EPA limits in particulates and NOx.  This 1990 BMW 524 turbo diesel (exported to Canada from Europe) is equipped with a 5 speed manual transmission and bidding on ebay at $2075 (reserve not met) in St John, NB, Canada.

The e34 BMW 5 series was sold from 1988 to 1995 and today the values are very well depressed with little signs of appreciation.  It is a big sedan with decent proportions and a huge trunk, but not really a sports car – even in its M5 versions.

This 524TD is equipped with an M21D24 2.4 liter inline 6 turbocharged direct injection diesel engine.  This lump of steel puts out 114 horsepower and 155 ft-lbs of torque at 2400 rpm.  It won’t win many drag races – but if you short shift it, you can enjoy the low end torque and fantastic fuel economy.

The e34 is a comfortable place to be, a decent set of seats and an interior that has always been a cut above the 3 series cheap junk.  This example has some kind of wood trim looking aftermarket steering wheel – but its nothing that couldn’t be replaced with the stock piece.  Unfortunately that steering wheel is connected to a steering box that gives steering feedback similar to a snowmobile skid. 


We like the e34 and love the turbo diesel and manual transmission, but aren’t sure how much this will go for on ebay.  Importing it to the USA may be a problem until 2015 because of the 25 year old requirement for non-emissions certified cars – check out this link for more info.

But maybe you have the drive to make this oil burner your own daily turismo…we’ll wait 3 more years or buy it from the guy who has the know-how to import it.

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