10k: Swap Market Find; 1973 Volvo 1800ES; Roadkill

We at DT are constantly scouring the internet looking for interesting, affordable cars because there are few barn finds to be found in the metropolitan areas of Southern California where most of us spend our drive time. However, yesterday, DT’s grey-haired cub reporter found this really nice 1973 Volvo 1800 ES for sale by the mechanic/painter who just finished restoring it to its former glory.  Here’s the catch. He did the work for a customer who couldn’t pay.  He now owns the car and is only looking to recoup his costs out of it, that’s why it is for sale for just $7,950 as shown on the sign in the window.  The seller, Bill, is located in San Diego, California and can be contacted directly via Email and phone number listed below.This 1800ES is sold!


There are no links to Ebay or Craigslist or a Volvista site for this car.  The only known pictures are those found within this article. Any information beyond what you read here will have to be obtained from the seller directly; as this is not a DT Exclusive for which we’ve demanding huge remunerations from the seller.  We’re just passing along something we are certain at least four of our readers will probably pick up the phone and call on within the next 24 hours!!   As a courtesy to our readers, we’re giving you 24 hours head start to make the call or we’re probably going to snatch this one for ourselves.  If the seller’s contact info to the left of this text is gone, then This car is sold!  Also, if you buy it, please send us a note or leave a comment below…we are looking at you Doctordel!


The odometer reads just 86,840 miles which the seller believes to be accurate given what he knows about the car’s history.  The previous owner had the engine rebuilt at approximately 80,000 miles, but then let the car sit for so long that it many of the peripherals like the injectors, fuel pump and alternator needed work to bring the car into proper shape.

The interior presents pretty well, but it reinforces the notion that the current owner was only charged with getting it back into tip-top running shape and giving it a presentable re-paint.  That said, a weekend spent detailing the minor bits in the interior would really enhance this car’s flipability presentation.

As mentioned above, the current seller painted the car himself.  This cub reporter is a known paint snob and has painted many cars and motorcycles in various locations.  This car has a 2-ft paint job which I would rank as an outstanding job by a do-it-yourselfer and nothing to complain about if even it it had been done by a professional shop.  The paint is free of runs and there is just a VERY MINOR amount of orange peel on the passenger’s side rear pillar which could probably be wet sanded out as the paint appears to have a lot of depth to it as shown in the picture below.

Even as is, the car presents far better than the price tag suggests.

The engine bay has not been detailed, but the B20E came to life instantly by reaching inside and just turning the key.

Bill (the seller) is well versed in Volvos and said that he would be happy to send along any other pictures if needed by any seriously interested buyer.

The purpose of DT is met when great cars find their way into the hands of the next person who will not only take care of the car, but drive it regularly.  Hopefully, a new home will be found for this at the home of one of our Volvo loving readers.

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