Who Wants A 2018 DailyTurismo Wall Calendar?

I’d like to offer some free DailyTurismo 12-Month wall calendars to DT readers out there in cyberspace, but with a big caveat…I need a photo of your car for the calendar.  The plan is to put together a calendar of DT reader’s rides…your car!  It can be a car you’ve purchased on DT, found on the side of the road last week, or something you’ve owned since your 16th birthday — it really doesn’t matter. 

If you’ve got a car you’d like to submit for the calendar — please email 3 to 5 hi-resolution photos to tips@dailyturismo.com along with some basic details about your car.  A highly qualified board of experts will select the 12 best cars for the calendar and later we will offer them for sale to anyone interested.