Rally King: 1965 Saab 96 Monte Carlo 850

The Saab 96 was a classic aero-shaped front-driver from the guys at Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget and Saab history buffs will tell you that it was technically the third major redesign of their first car, the Saab 92. The Monte Carlo version was a celebration of Saabs rally racing success and fitted a triple carburetor to the two-stroke 3-cylinder engine and was sold as the GT 850 in 63/64 and afterwards was called the Monte Carlo 850. Today’s example is fitted with a Taunus V4, but the seller includes a 2-stroke 850 (or…841?) and most of the parts needed to get this thing back to MC850 spec. Find this 1965 Saab 96 Monte Carlo 850 bidding for $7700 reserve-not-met with buy-it-now of $15,000, located in Pound Ridge, NY.

From the seller:

Saab Monte Carlos where manufactured from 1965 to 1967 and only about 2500 where manufactured. Which makes this car a relatively rare car.

This 1965 Saab Monte Carlo 850 was last registered in California in 1988 and was in storage for 23 years, from 1989 until the seller’s acquisition in 2014. At acquisition, the odometer displayed with 98,000 miles. It was purchased with a 1.5L V4 Taunus engine and 4 speed gearbox. The car was repainted prior to 1988 and there are no indications that the car was involved in an accident.

The seller had the following worked done to returned the car to the road in 2014 and has driven it over 5,000 miles without any problems;

· rebuilt all hydraulics and fuel lines

· fuel tank epoxy lined

· replaced front brake pads

· radiator re-cored

· new head and intake manifold gaskets

· new water pump

· new fuel pump

· rebuilt alternator

· new voltage regulator

· new battery

· new exhaust system

· new electric engine fan

· new lower control arm bushings

· 5 steel rims powered coated, 5 new tires

· re-upholstered front seats

· new Coco floors mats in cabin and trunk

This car drives and handles as a car of this era should. The paint is checked and pealing on the truck lid. There are a few small rust areas including the driver side floor pan near the sill, bottom of driver’s door and two straps where firewall meets the floor pan. The V4 engine runs very well and the gearbox shifts smooth.

The seller has been acquiring the required parts to bring the car back to its original 2 stroke engine configuration and to perform a complete restoration. This Saab is being auctioned with almost all the parts required to bring it back to its original configuration and there are follows;


· 1965 MC850 engine, Rebuilt by a well know Saab Guru, Dave Baugher in Virginia

· pressure plate

· water pump

· clutch

· radiator for 850 engine

· flywheel with mounting hardware


· gasket set for 850 engine

· spark plugs for 850 engine

· Ignition rotor for 850 engine

· 2 rubber couplers for carburetor linkage

· 2 distributor caps for 850 engine

· mud flaps

· rear suspension straps

· gray Windlace trim for 2 side doors

· halogen head lights with lamps

· nylon head light supports

· fuel filter

· air filter

· cv boot set

· control arm bushing set

· oil plugs

· oil filters

· rear break liner set

· V4 Engine gasket set(excluded intake manifold and head gaskets)


· 4 speed gearbox for 850

· engine oil tank for oil injected 850 engine

· fan pulley and blade for 850 engine

· engine oil pump

· carburetors for 850engine

· distributor for 850 engine

· intake manifold with 3 Solex carburetors for 850 engine

· exhaust heat manifold with heat shields for 850 engine

· air filter housing and pipe to exhaust manifold for 850 engine.

· Saab AM radio with knobs and service manual, untested

· fuel sending unit

· set of door and trunk locks keyed alike.

· set of rear quarter chromed guard.

Saab service manuals

· engine compartment pan to restore engine compartment after removing V4 engine.

· extra complete set of glass windows

· extra body panels which include truck lid, hood, doors, rear fenders

· starter for 850 engine

· generator for 850 engine

This Car can be driven as is and with all the parts that come with it can be restored to the original configuration.

TMany of the items includedare not in the photos. I did have many bins of extra parts . so if it it is not mentioned in this auction feel free to ask.

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