Luxury Sports Car Kit: 1976 Volkswagen Bradley GT II

This next kit car was the design handiwork of former Shelby American employee John Chun when he was employed by Bradley Automotive. The GTII debuted in 1976 was a upmarket move for Bradley as the second gen cars featured true gull wing doors with frames, lower door sills, steel reinforced roof, improved bumpers, 67 Corvette front windshield, and better gauges along with a roomier interior. This is one of the 500 GT IIs that were produced from 1975-1980. Find this 1976 Volkswagen Bradley GT II offered for $1500 in Naples, ME via smashsmash bookbook. Tip from Orlando.

From the seller:

1976 Volkswagen beetle
Listed 24 weeks ago in Naples, ME
About This Vehicle
Driven 111,111 miles
Manual transmission
Exterior color: Off_white
Seller’s Description
1976 Volkswagen Beetle · Hatchback · Driven 111,111 miles

Kit car body sitting on a rolling Vw chassis. 1500cc engine , new brakes all around other than that I can’t really tell you much about it. It comes with what you see. I would take the body off ( very easy) and pop it onto a hero frame or Prius or Tesla! Whatever , lol. Full wing doors. (Engine does run – needs a tank)

See a better way to drive something kit?