Longest Name: 1995 Toyota Crown Royal Saloon Station Wagon

If you aren’t a fan of wagons…well then, I can’t help you, because that’s a personal problem. Wagons are awesome and JDM wagons with engines that’ll never be legal to drive within 500 miles of California are doubly awesome. This next car has a 1JZ which might be Federalizable or Californiable or whatever you need to be able to drive it around without the constant threat of seizure from the authorities, but you’d have to do your own research before dropping some coin on this. Find this 1995 Toyota Crown Royal Saloon Station Wagon offered for $8499 in Coventry, CT via facebash borkbork. Tip from Cory.

From the seller:

1995 Toyota crown royal saloon station wagon 1jz
Dealership · Listed 5 days ago in Coventry, CT
Seller’s Description

2.5l 1JZ Toyota Motor (same block in the Supra)
Yes the hood is popped in the photos.
8 seater (with 2 children in the trunk seats and 1 in the middle front bench seat)
RWD Automatic
111k miles
Very clean, lowered, 2 piece JDM wheels

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