The recipe for a the ultimate good times with a craigslist advertisement goes a little something like this: First, find a inexpensive car in extraordinary condition. Then, make unsubstantiated (and unverifiable) claims like owned by a former duke of Albania or used in the independent film ” Marco Polo’s day off”. Finally, write your test in ALLCAPS.  That, my friend, is how you do it.  Like this 1993 TOYOTA CAMRY, 94,250 MILES, GRANDMA’S CAR (FOR REAL) – $3200 (TRUMBULL, CT.) via craigslist.

A few more things, before you think your craigslist ad is complete — you’ve got to remove all of your license plates (or..for the lazy folks) just put a dirty dishtowel (or YOUR THUMB) in front of the plate for the pics.  I prefer a fig leaf, myself, but then I’m classy.  If you don’t obscure your plate, some criminal might manufacture a replica of your plate, repaint his car to match and then go on a crime spree.  It is like the pre-internet version of SWATTING.

Just look at how nice the inside of this Camry looks — it looks like this Grandma didn’t hang her purse on the gearshifter, smoke, bash into every nearby immobile object, or use the back seat to load junk she found at a thrift shop…what kind of a Grandma keeps a car this nice?  Seriously?

See a nicer car that you wouldn’t want to own?