End of an Era: 2005 Buick Park Avenue Ultra

The Buick Park Avenue was the last of the G-platform cars to leave the GM production lines as the era of GM’s big-V6 front-drive luxury sedan dominance came to an end. The last Park Avenues to leave the factory were a batch of 3,000 Ultra Special Editions with a cool little NYC skyline badge on the C-pillar. Before you think this one has been attacked by someone with more money than taste – those chrome wheels and ventiports were stock on the 2005 Ultra edition. The Ultra edition also came without the hood ornament of the base version and instead has a Buick emblem in the grill, and it was only available with the supercharged version of Buick’s legendary 3800 V6. Find this 2005 Buick Park Avenue Ultra bidding for $7350 with 3 days left via hemmings auctions located in Grand Blanc, MI. Tip from BP.

From the seller:

This 2005 Buick Park Avenue Ultra Sedan represents the final production year for the model and the end of the era for the renowned 3800 Supercharged V6 engine. The selling dealer suggests the unique black paint job with platinum accents is part of a last-year special-edition package, but that’s unverified. What is certain about the car, according to the seller, is that recent work includes a replacement supercharger, transmission service, new rear shocks, new brakes, and more.

Under the hood is the original 3.8-liter supercharged V6, according to the seller, which Buick rated at 240 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque when new. The engine is said to start and run well, with no smoke and no leaks. It’s matched with a four-speed automatic transmission that reportedly shifts well. Powertrain service within the past 500-1,000 miles has reportedly included a replacement supercharger, an oil change, a flush of the transmission fluid, and more.

According to the seller, this Park Avenue wears its original paint, which appears to be in good condition, with a number of nicks, chips, and scratches that are highlighted in the photos. The exterior trim also appears in good condition and the seller reports the same for the glass and seals. There are no cracks in the windshield and the seals are reportedly original and leak-free. All the exterior lighting reportedly works normally. And apart from some surface corrosion on the chassis, the seller asserts this Buick’s body is rust-free.

The seller reports this Park Avenue’s grey leather cabin is in “very good” condition, with no evidence of smoking by occupants. The bolster on the driver’s seat cover shows some wear, but the rest of the upholstery appears in very good shape, with no apparent holes or rips. The seller also says the carpet is in “very good” shape, with no holes, excessive wear, or large stains, and the headliner is described in the same “very good” condition. The leather-wrapped steering wheel shows minor wear. All the interior trim is reportedly intact, while the gauges, air conditioning, CD/cassette audio system, power seat adjusters, power locks, and power windows all are said to work normally.

The seller reports the chassis, suspension, and brake systems have been well-maintained, with no known issues or needs. The car originally came with an auto-leveling rear suspension that included air shocks and an air compressor. The system was known to be problematic and the seller reports that the air shocks have been replaced with conventional shock absorbers and the air compressor removed. Additionally, the front and rear brakes have reportedly been serviced recently. The car rolls on Bridgestone Potenza GO19 tires with 2012 date codes. The seller says these have “good tread depth,” but show “some dry cracking beginning inside the tread pattern.” They’re mounted on the factory chrome wheels that reportedly show deterioration in the finish upon close inspection.

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