Big Tank: 1946 Nash 600

The Nash 600 was the first mass produced American car with a unibody chassis instead of the typical body on frame design. The unitized chassis platform saved over 500 lbs from the curb weight of this big steel beast, at a time when cars were getting very heavy. In fact, the name 600 wasn’t just another numerical naming structure from an OEM, it was a nod to the fact that the Nash could go almost 600 miles on a single tank of gas, partly because of its “light” curb weight, but also because of the huge gas tank. Find this 1946 Nash 600 offered for $6,500 in Hillsdale, NJ via ebay motors.

From the seller:

1946 Nash 600 good running condition with 6 cylinder engine. Engine runs evenly and smoothly with no issues. Doesnt smoke or have any leaks. Car drives fine with just 62,000 original miles. Has rebuilt carburetor and water pump. Engine Throw out block was rebuilt and Flywheel resurfaced too. The transmission is a 3 speed transmission and shifts fine. Clutch was rebuilt not long ago. Also Gas tank cleaned inside & outside with new sending unit. Brakes are ok safe to drive. Comes with assorted spare parts and spare tire. Will need new tires since they are 40 years old. Car has been used almost daily as a daily driver without any issues. Cars paint is in great shape for its age. Car doesnt have any serious rust just some surface rust on body here and there not much at all. The floors and trunk solid so no worries there. We have maintenance receipts for all work done. Please note the interior will need some attention but ok if you plan to use this as a daily driver. All gauges work fine as does the heat.

See a better way to drive something old?