Baby Blues: 1977 Plymouth Fury Sport

What could be better than a two-tone baby-blue/white paint scheme on a classic 70s American land barge…maybe color coordinated 70s sofa cushion interior?  DING DING DING, WINNER!!!  Find this 1977 Plymouth Fury Sport offered for $4,000 in Oceanside, CA via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

From the seller:

1977 Plymouth Fury Sport. 360/ 4 bbl/ Torqueflight automatic.

This car was purchased new in 1978 as a dealer demo from Escondido with 9000 miles on it. The gentleman bought it for his wife, who kept it until 2015. She has been a San Diego car all her 109,000 documented miles. I have every note and service record from the original owner. Every oil change, tire purchase or service were kept track on 3″x5″ notecards and all major service records have been kept as well. 

The motor was gone through in 1991 with a 0.30 over bore and 10/10 grind on the crank.

Within the last two years the following work has been done…

New Fan Clutch

New coil

New vacuum lines

K&N air filter

Upper and Lower Radiator hoses

Radiator flush

Carburetor rebuilt

Tune-up (new plugs, wires, cap/rotor)

Heater box removed and heater core replaced with a very hard to find NOS unit. I sprayed rubberized insulation under the dash and inner firewall before reinstalling heater box.

New control arm bushings

New Upper and Lower ball joints

New shocks all around (Coil over heavy duty on rear)

New brake lines (brake fluid replaced)

New complete front calipers (New pads and rotors turned)

Rear brakes – New shoes/ springs

New A/C compressor

New fuel pump/ filter/ lines

New door and window rubbers

Tires replaced March 2015

New carpet

The interior is all original. Plaid inserts on doors and seats are so unique but the seats need redone. The heat / defrost is awesome! There is factory air but still need hoses, dryer and recharged. It has a dealer installed cruise control that needs attention (not working). AM radio with one speaker in the front dash; Still works great. All gauges and idiot lights work.

She starts great in cold weather as well as warm. Runs strong despite the lean burn Carter carb that I finally have dialed in.

I drive her 50 miles a day for work but am going to a commuter POS for gas savings. She has never left me stranded or refused to start. 1 pump and hit the key.

Asking $4000 OBO. 

She is still in North County San Diego as she has always been.

Videos of the Fury cold start, running and driving through the neighborhood.

See a better daily driver for a team Petty fan?