An Opel By Any Other Name: 2008 Saturn Astra

This next car comes as a tip from Art C who writes: See a better way to be an Ass-tra man? Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Here’s an Opel. Just with a Saturn rebranding. Got generally good reviews, basically the same car as offered across the pond with slightly different suspension tuning. Find this 2008 Saturn Astra offered for $3200 in Taunton, MA via facebash opelbook.

From the seller:

2008 Saturn Astra
Listed 4 days ago in Taunton, MA
About This Vehicle
Driven 130,000 miles
Manual transmission
Exterior color: White
Seller’s Description
2008 Saturn Astra · Hatchback · Driven 130,000 miles

2008 Saturn 4cyl stick that runs and drives great. This is the perfect lil commuter car thats great on gas. Please look at the pix and feel free to stop in and see in person

See a better way to drive something white?