5k: ‘Merican: 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury

The Plymouth Fury was a premium priced, top-of-the-line full-sized offering from Chrysler loaded with premium features and could be powered by all sorts of crazy wedge head or hemi V8s.  Today the Fury isn’t highly valued by collectors like a Barracuda or some of the other high priced Mopar muscle out there, but the 2-door car is sharp looking and just as cool.  Find this 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury for sale somewhere in the 818 for $6,995 via cars.com.

The Fury isn’t a bad looking classic American 2-door in general and this particular example isn’t a bad looking Fury.  It looks like what you could get if you asked someone to draw you a generic full sized ’60s two door hardtop.  That isn’t a bad thing if you are just looking for an inexpensive classic car to use for cruising.

A quick googling of the seller’s phone number (what you don’t instantly google every phone number, physical address or email address you get from a third party?) reveals that it is located or affiliated with a dealer in the 818 that is called Woodland Hills Quality Motors.  One image shows that at one point in time they had a Speed Racer Mach 5 replica for sale.  Sweet.

Under the hood of the Fury is a 383 cubic inch (6.3 liter) V8 that put out 270 horsepower when new.  This one looks very clean and mostly stock in the pictures and is mated to a automatic transmission.

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