10k: Vader’s Family Car: 1988 BMW M5 E28

The BMW E28 generation M5 is a great way to get into a rare and cool classic without needing a trust fund.  It also offers a purity of driving experience undulled by electronic power steering, stability control, traction control or any number of electronic nannies found in modern cars.  Unfortunately, the world has moved on and what was once fast is now just mediocre and repair bills from a mechanic (or dealer) can be downright bankrupting.  The only way to survive E28 M5 ownership with your pants held high is to buy a nice one and maintain it like you would maintain an airplane.  Find this 1988 BMW M5 E28 currently bidding for $9,600 via eBay, located in Auburn, ME.

The E28 M5 (only available in the US Market for the 1988 model year) packed the engine taken
from the M1 supercar into a luxury sedan and changed the world of luxury sport sedans. You can thank the E28 every time you see an 4-door M from BMW, an AMG Mercedes, or Audi’s S-lineup because this is where it started.

The US spec E28 M5 is equipped with the S38 B35 catalyst equipped 3.5 liter
inline six putting out 256 horsepower – enough to make the M5 the fastest
sedan ever built when it was new.  The S38 was a detuned version of the
BMW M1 supercar engine (mated to the 535’s 5-spd manual trans and
standard limited slip diff), and compared to everything else sold in or before
1988 it was downright fast.

The E28 M5 interior features tan seats/carpet with black dash and uppers, which is the way they all left when headed for US dealers (except for a handful of black/black cars that are easily overlooked).  The interior on this one looks in decent shape, but isn’t perfect and shows some signs of wear tear on touch surfaces.

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