You Had Me At Bumper Pole: 1980 Toyota Cressida Super Lucent

The first time I noticed a JDM bumper pole on a car in the wild was in a covered parking lot at a Japanese grocery store near the Torrance, California — which was coincidentally a few miles from the HQ for Toyota, Honda, and Nissan (all three have fled California for other places in the last decade, but that’s a story for another time). The little bumper antenna is located in front of the passenger side so you can easily judge the distance to the curb when parking – some are retractable and have a light on the top. I guess you could call them the JDM equivalent of USDM curb feelers? Today’s Cressida is both bumper pole equipped and super lucent. Find this 1980 Toyota Cressida Super Lucent bidding for $6,100 in Leppävirta, Finland via ebay with a few hours to go.

From the seller:

Vehicle Details
HOX! Ebay doesnt know the model so had to be under cressida. Car is Toyota CRESTA. (X50)The car was restored a while ago, so the condition corresponds to a new car.Even the windshield is original from 1980 and in good condition!It seems to be the cheapest similar Cresta in the world at the moment?Vm. 1980 the first body model of Cresta ever made.Even the original instruction manual is included.Remote start installed. And a burgular alarm.Stereo has been replaced with a better one, but the original is included with the car.Suspension brakes etc, ALL new and original.Flawless from the bottom NO rust.With all the equipment cresta came at that time.Electric mirrors/windows, etc. (even the air conditioning works)The Engine has been updated from a bit newer from carburator to injection engine 1g-fe (engine 120tkm)The car is equipped with Super Lucent. Please contact for more information. Car is located in Finland.

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):

See a better way to drive something white?