The El Capricamino: 1989 Chevrolet Caprice

Customizing your car to an extreme is the automotive equivalent of shaving your head. It can be really good or really bad…but not much middle ground. It can be really cool – The Rock, Demi as GI Jane- or a huge mistake –Britney Spears, Ed Norton. Naturally, the next question I have for the peanut gallery is; does this customized El Capricamino seem more like a Patrick Stewart or a Andre Agassi? Find this 1989 Chevrolet Caprice offered for $25,000 in Plattsburgh, NY via shavedhead smackhead. Tip from Cory.

From the seller:

1989 Chevrolet caprice
Listed 13 hours ago in Plattsburgh, NY
About This Vehicle
Driven 85,000 miles
Automatic transmission
Exterior color: Red · Interior color: Black
Fuel type: Gasoline
2 owners
This vehicle is paid off
Clean title
This vehicle has no significant damage or problems.

Seller’s Description
1989 Chevy caprice custom kit vehicle. Considered a truck.Was originally a 4 door sedan.
Electronic locks.
Clean title. Located in morrisonville area.
Will be able to be seen at Malone Car Show on Saturday, July 15

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