Taking Care of Business: 1950 Ford Business Coupe

This next car comes as a tip from SecondMouse who writes; I recently moved to northwest Arkansas, and have marveled at how some of the folks here look after their cars. Some think nothing of driving 40-60 year old cars they and/or an ancestor of theirs have doted on since new to work, or the store. Pristine WWII-era pickup trucks, sitting under carports, waiting to make a run for cattle feed. Here is a case in point. A 1950 Ford Businessman’s Coupe, in the necessary black, obviously carefully maintained with seller’s estimate of 50,000-some total miles, with the original flathead V8 and a three speed on the column. It has some needs, but at the $12,000 asking, there is plenty of room to put the few details it needs to rights. I am only sharing this because I am all tapped out right now. Seriously. All original 2 door Ford flathead. Find this awesome 1950 Ford Business Coupe automobile in Russellville, AR, on FacePlant Mumblety-peg.

From the seller:

1950 Ford Businessmans Coupe
Listed a day ago in Russellville, AR
Used – Good

This is an unrestored car that runs like a sewing machine. It starts easily, and you can barely hear the motor at idle speed. It is a three speed on the column with the flat head V-8. It was repainted about 10 years ago and reupholstered in the 1970’s. It has not been modified and is all original. I bought the car in 1973 and can attest to the fact that it is low mileage although the odometer no longer works (approximately 50,000 miles.) This is a gem of a car.

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