Mazda F2T Turbo Power: 1991 BMW 325i

What happens when you put a Mazda built 2.2 liter turbo engine taken from a Ford Probe in the front of a BMW E30 generation sedan? Confused looks from people who notice that parts of the engine peek through a hole in the hood. That’s one thing. You probably also get a surprisingly fun ride that’ll piss off the purists, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Find this 1991 BMW 325i offered for $8,500 in Wilmington, DE via turbosmash broplace. Tip from John & Cory (you always know a car is gonna be awesome when it comes from multiple tippers!!)

From the seller:

1991 BMW
Listed 2 days ago in Wilmington, DE
About This Vehicle
Driven 110,000 miles
Manual transmission
Exterior color: Black
Fair condition
Clean title
This vehicle has no significant damage or problems.

Seller’s Description
1991 BMW E30 Mazda F2T Turbo Swap

Clean Title, 110K Miles
F2T 2.2L Turbo 4 Cylinder (From 1991 Ford Probe)
Mazda B2200 Transmission, 5 Speed
6 Puck HD Clutch
2.79 LSD Rear Diff
Single Piece Driveshaft (New)
Fabricated Motor/Transmission Mounts
Flipped Intake Manifold
Stock VJ11 Turbo @14psi
Megasquirt 1 Standalone
Innovate LC1 Wideband
Condor Speed Shop Steering Shaft Kit
Fabricated Intercooler & Exhaust Piping
Fabricated Oil Pan & Pickup Tube
Oil Pressure, Wideband, Boost Gauges
Vibrant Air Filter
Trigger Wheel + EDIS4 Ignition
New Water Pump & TB
Hawk HP Street Pads
Powder Coated VC

I would consider this a running & driving project car. It is reasonably well tuned and I can get in and drive it when I want to. It has its issues here and there but nothing preventing it from being enjoyed. Had a great time building this over the past year or so but it is time to move on to something else.

If you read up on the F2T you will find it is an underrated engine from the time period and produces pretty substantial torque. The stock bottom ends can hold impressive power. This car is a turbo and injectors away from 300whp and 350wtq. This would be a great Radwood car.

• Oil Pan Leaks (Not substantial but an annoyance)
• No IACV (Must give it some throttle during warmup sub 50 degrees, no big deal)
• Front End Collision (2-3 owners ago the car hit a deer, the hood and d/s fender are rough and the front bumper was replaced with an early model. Did pass PA inspection with the repairs)
• Slight Driveshaft Vibration (Highway speeds, likely needs balanced)
• No Heat, No AC (Heat would be easy to add, AC not so much)
• Manual Steering (Pretty light with the engine location)

Price is OBO.


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